something smells sweet :)

Updated: May 15, 2019

These smells drive me nuts! It took me about a few hours of barking until I got some of today's delivery! Who would have thought I loved figs !! What's going on here ?? it has soooo much sugar!

Wait, whose tail is that?

Come here! I'll catch you! Errrrr I'm dizzy ... I need to rest ... but ahhh I'll have lots of sugar in the blood !!

fig!! Yummy !!

#fig #sugar #loveit #needmoor #yumy #aviyehuda #yehudawinery

In the picture you can see Avi and Tom! They also smelled the figs all the way to the Yehuda winery located in Moshav Shoresh and come to help and eat some of this tasty figs!

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