Its been to long!!

And it's been a long time since I told you about what's going on here!

But it's because so much has happened that I've had a hard time tracking!

There were crazy festivals!

The Austrian ambassador came to us (one who understands what is real Schnaps is).

We had the most amazing  harvest! The whole extended family came and harvest the grapes and made wine from them! It was great fun!
A lot of wine went through the containers and distillery (intoxicating smells)
And of course now the fig season has started again !!!!
So very busy and very fun here,
And of course I took on a new role .... Securing the Distillery Entrance to All Visitors that are coming to visit!
Want to meet me ?? 
Welcome to sign up for a tour and experience some of the craziness that happens here with me 😊

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Moshve Bait Meir, Hbrosh 47
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