Our Heritage

The winery and distillery was founded by Isaac Hollander, in Nitra Slovakia. His wife, Leah Rosa Hollander (nee Sheinfeld) was the chief winemaker. 


On the course of his journey to Israel, Rabbi Sheinfeld's (Leah Rosa's father) ship was wrecked. The ship was captured by a passing Italian ship, and taken to a detention camp in Italy. There he implemented his distillation know-how, and made alcohol for the camp guards.  


Enad of WWII. The Hollander family returned to Nitra, only to discover that their winery had been taken over by the local farmers. 


The Hollander brothers, Akiva and Yossi, decided to rebuild the winery in Australia. On their journey to Australia, they stopped in Israel, to visit Grandpa Sheinfeld.


Yossi Hollander was killed in the Independence War, only 9 days after the establishment of the State of Israel.


Following Yossi's tragic death, the entire family changed plans, and made 'Aliya' to the young state of Israel. 


The Hollander family made an attempt to start anew in the local wine industry. They opened a store in Jaffa and a beverage factory in Bat Yam. 


The Hollander family encountered financial difficulties, and discontinued its wine trading.


 The Hollanders purchased an old refinery and began renovating second hand equipment. They were going to make their dream come true!


 The initial refinery structure was burned in a malicious fire that destroyed the entire area that year.


The refinery was rebuilt and development of new products ensued.

March 2019

The Hollander distillery received its manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health, and began marketing its products.

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